Precious fruit of the land

Better than any other fruit, grapes can give back to man the best flavours, smells and emotions of a land, this happens thanks to the wine. As ambassadors of good “ticinese” wine, we focus on the wine making of Merlot grapes from the vineyards situated on the north side of Monte Ceneri where the ground is stony and rich with sand and loam, typical of this area is also the climate strongly influenced by the near Swiss Alps. This mixture originates austere wines that are well suited for aging.

With love and devotion

Every daily work of management of the vineyard is dictated by the different phases of the vine and the change of seasons. An accurate and methodical work in the vine is necessary for the outcome of a good nectar because the greatness of a wine goes through the complete maturation of the grape. It is between the lines of the vineyard where the parameter used to compare the grapes is formed: the concentration of sugars that are then synthesized in the leaves and finally moved to the grapes.

The meticulous work of harvesting

During grape harvest we directly influence the wine that will be obtained. A great deal of care and attention is needed: from manual harvest of the grapes that are then stocked in 18 Kg boxes, until the transport to the cellar, the grapes have to get there intact and undamaged.

The pressing

The grapes are carefully inspected box by box before the branches are pulled off and can finally go through the process of pressing: the branches are pulled off without damaging the peels and then pressed, this is done to facilitate the emission of the must that can start fermenting thanks to the yeasts contained in the peels.

The fermentation

After the pressing the fermentation starts, this leads to a turbulent movement of the peels that are pushed above by the carbon dioxide that had previously been created togheter with the alcohol by the transformation of the sugars.This phase happens in special computer-controlled casks at a controlled temperature and in a sterilized enviroment. It is through the fermentation process when a litre of must will become a litre of wine, thanks to the myriad of inner workings involved in the complex enzymatic activity of the yeasts. After the necessary refinement it will become a fascinating bouquet.

The aging

Once the fermentation is finished the wine rests for refining so that it can find the perfect harmony between its components. It takes time, to ripen and to find for each wine its own character. In our 350 barrels we refine our wines with care and respect, enhancing their features and respecting the local enviroment. Just during the aging process the smells are revealed at their best, the colors and the tastes of a specific territory. The bouquet harmonizes with the taste and the wine becomes a true emotion.

Raise your glasses to know the wine

Each and every bottle of wine speaks for itself but it’s thanks to the tasting with the winemakers that all the shades and anecdotes hidden behind a label are revealed.We love producing good wines but we also enjoy telling stories about them and sharing them in our wine shop with everybody who has an appreciation for wines or is just curious and wants to taste it.