A perfect harmony for three generations

We have always loved wine and we are the ambassadors of quality Merlot, the prince of the vineyards in our marvelous land: The Canton Ticino. Our passion has quickly spread among our family, starting with Grandpa Bruno, who with his daughter Carolina, co-founder of the company, gave life to Chiericati Vini in 1950. At that time we were not making wine and we were not selling Swiss and foreign wines yet, in particular Italian and French labels, we have specialized in that pocess during the following years, we have always  been  looking for small local wine makers and niche products, favouring family businesses like ours, for the pleasure of knowing the true faces behind every wine label and to be able to provide our customers with nectars that can create an emotion and can give an insight on the land of origin.

In 1963 Angelo, Carolina’s husband and Bruna and Elena’s Father, joins the company. In 1987 we decided to dedicate ourselves to the art of winemaking  by broadening our knowledge regarding wine and creating a strong bond with the local winemakers, mostly in the area of Sopraceneri, also taking advantage of Angelo’s tecnical skills aquired at the enology school of Lausanne.

From the best local grapes, and not only, we followed the path of winemaking. Constantly investing in both quality and technology, without losing touch with our land and its traditions of winemaking, creating a large array of white and red wines that are recognizable, starting with their names, thanks to our company and our lovely city Bellinzona.The monastery that names the street where our company is placed inspired the labels of some of our best wines, like the “Convento” or the “Confessore”, both these wines inspire storytelling when they are served in any occasion, from typical local restaurants until gourmet kitchens, the businesses and the private citizens have been choosing our wines for years whenever and wherever a toast is needed a good local wine can’t be missing.

We know that the strong points of a company are both the degree of determination and the degree of efficency in performing all the tasks needed in any given situation. Angelo, who loves his job and does it with great commitment and sacrifice, not only is he aware of these strong points, but he also believes in his daughters and in their creativity in doing business. The oldest daughter, Bruna, in 1984 takes her first quick steps in the company, later on in 2001, following her father’s example, she attends the Enology School of Lausanne and finally in 2008 she becomes the company’s Production Manager. Bruna’s sister Elena joins her in the administration and commercial management of the company until 2015 after the wine shop had been built up .

The determination of men ,togheter with the courtesy and elegance of women, are the winning features of our company to face the future with trust, these qualities are also present in the wines that we produce.

Carolina Chiericati, Angelo Cavalli e Bruna Cavalli